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Green Sakthi

At Sri Narayani Peedam there are many environmental projects. In August 2012, Sri Sakthi Amma inaugurated these projects under one name : GREEN SAKTHI.
To mark the launch of GREEN SAKTHI in 2012, former Indian President Abdul Kalam and Sri Sakthi Amma donated 600 000 fruit bearing saplings to over 2000 local villages. These trees will provide clean air, shade and homes for animals as well as provide fruit, an economic benefit to the villagers.

GREEN SAKTHI now includes : Afforestation (SAAP), Local Tree-Planting, Green Belt Area (SAGAR), Tree- Nursery, Tree donations to local organisations, Green Sakthi Club (environment-awareness programs in local schools), EXNORA (our award-winning zero waste management program), Bio-Gas plant, Water Sewerage Treatment Plant, Volunteers Program and soon-to-be- launched: a Monthly Newsletter.

Green Sakthi is committed to planting trees and creating environmental awareness amongst school children. So far we have planted over one million trees in the Vellore district, South India.

“When we plant a tree we are doing the greatest service as we are serving every being on this planet.” Sri Shakti Amma


Our goal is: 1008 members.

For $ 10 per month, you can become a Green Sakthi member +
help us help you offset your carbon footprint
annual membership $ 120
(includes subscription to our quarterly newsletter)







Beloved Narayani Association collects payments for Green Sakthi.
Besides small website and Bank fees 100% of your donations make it to Green Sakthi.
If you would like to deposit to Green Sakthi via the Beloved Narayani bank account, to avoid website fees, please write Green Sakthi in the bank field.

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