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Every month on a full moon there are Sri Sakthi Amma Puja’s (Divine offerings) being held in Sydney and Byron Bay and other regular seva (service) activities, like feeding the homeless, blood donations, kirtans and more Divine events.

Sri Narayani Auspicious Dates for Australia & India in 2022 are

17th Mar, 16th Apr, 15th May, 13th Jun, 13th Jul, 11th Aug, 9th Sep, 9th Oct, 7th Nov, 7th Dec

31th Mar, 30th Apr, 29th May, 28th Jun, 28th Jul, 26th Aug, 25th Sep, 24th Oct, 23rd Nov, 22nd Dec

Full moon fire puja, know as yagam, yagna or havan, this is an ancient Vedic fire ceremony performed around the world on full moon. It involves chanting mantras and making offerings into the fire to bring peace and joy to the world. Puja, amongst other things, is a beautiful opportunity to meditate, set a new resolution, offer a prayer for the world, a loved one, our own healing and to experience our innate divinity.
We hold the puja on the eve before the full of the moon as this is the time when the energy from the moon is magnified, allowing greater transformation for all. Specifically, the chants we do in this puja invoke Narayani (Divine Mother) to bring the three aspects and blessings of Godesses Saraswathi, Lakshmi, and Durga which are the embodiments of Wisdom, Abundance and Strength respectively.

The puja takes about 60 minutes and everyone will have an opportunity to participate, by making an offering into the fire if they wish. Ghee is the main offering into the fire as it is believed to nourish the angelic realms.

Sri Sakthi Amma Wisdom

” Some people like prayer, some like offerings – ‘pujas’, some like ‘bhajans’ – hymns, some prefer yoga, others meditation, to name a few of the many spiritual paths. All paths are right. Choose whatever path your heart desires and follow it.”

Sri Sakthi Amma

“Puja means offering. Whatever religion we practice; do puja.
Stand in front of God, sing praises, and make an offering. It is very effective.”

“All the spiritual things you do like ‘pujas’, ‘bhajans’ and ‘Dharma’ will create good vibrations. These vibrations can change the people around you, even if they are not aware of these things and even if they don’t want to change.”

“Dharma’ describes human action that is governed by morals, virtue, righteousness, and principles. Working towards this goal ultimately leads one back to God and liberates a person from the life cycle.”

“What happens today in your life is the result of your past karma; what is going to happen tomorrow depends on your deeds of today; therefore for a better tomorrow do good things as much as you can.”

Sri Sakthi Amma

Om Namo Narayani

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