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4 June 2009 – Tours

Dear All
Om Namo Narayani.
On behalf of Sri Narayani peedam, we would like to inform all of you that AMMA’S tour
to Canada and UnitedStates has been postponed to end sept -early oct. Two main reasons –
One- Beloved Amma is going to Srilanka and awaiting some diplomatic clearances.
Two – The President of India is expected to visit Peedam during mid July.
We thank all of you for your efforts and co-operation and sorry for any inconvenience caused.
On the positive side, you all have more time to organise in a more relaxed manner.
Thank you
In Amma’s service


A message from Nicole Azzopardi: “Great news! Amma has confirmed she will be doing a North American tour. I’ve also heard a rumour that the trip may include a trip to Australia. The rumour is five-times removed I’m told, so may not be worth jumping for joy over yet, but it is out there. Amma will be visiting Calgary, Toronto, NY, San Diego… Let’s stay tuned and keep praying for Amma to come to Australia.” (Ed’s note – for what it’s worth, I heard the same thing *direct* from Babbu’s mouth – it was a little hard to understand over the phone, but he definitely mentioned the words “World tour” and “Australia” in the same breath/sentence!)



Thank you to everyone who participated in last Saturday’s very first Healing Circle. The day was a huge success with more than 30 people receiving healing sessions in energy healing, kinesolology, art therapy, iridology music healing in exchange for donations, which totalled $600.

This money will greatly assist the Sri Lankan refugees who have fled their home countries and landed in Chennaifollowing severe violence and political unrest. As per Amma’s request, the money raised on this day will go to these people who are desperately in need of supplies. Amma is sending food and medical aid to assist these people and has put out a worldwide request for funds to help.

A note from Edo: “In total, we ended up sending $1080 to Peedam, which included money collected from the Kabalachanting I’ve been running!”


Dear Friends

Om Namo Narayani. Amma’s blessings to all.

AMMA’S Message

This is Kaliyuga, in which negative forces dominate the world. One such latest is the Sri Lankan riots which have led to thousands of innocent people losing their lives,many their homes and families. Lakhs of people have landed as refugees on the coast of Chennai and need immediate help of any kind. Avatars like Our Beloved AMMA, the embodiment of unconditional love and compassion, descend to bring about the righteousness and raise humanity to Godliness by teaching them and giving them an opportunity to serve. AMMA has decided to render help and support to these refugees. We are in need of medical supplies, food items – tins, instant foods etc. We look forward for your generous support, either in cash or kind for this humanitarian service.  We would be grateful if your contributions could reach us by May 5th – 8th.

Thank you for your support.


New Narayani Amma Bhajans from Canadian sisters, have a listen or buy CD


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