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Narayani School Bus Fundraiser

Amma’s first school, Sri Narayani Vidyalaya opened its doors in 2002 – Amma wanted to transform children’s lives in the neighbouring villages around Peedam, so offered them access to education. A school was built for 500 children.

Demand for education has been huge!

Now in 2019, there are 1000 children being educated at Amma’s school.

Thanks to many of you for joining hands together, on May 8, we reached our first fundraising goal: to build an extra block of toilets (now the school can fulfil government requirements as our previous block of toilets were only sufficient for 500 students).

The second part of the fundraiser is a 40 seater bus so children can get safely to and from school.

Students travel up to 30 km away to get to school. A school bus will be a safer mode of transport for students (in comparison to an overcrowded auto rickshaw).

Join hands & let’s make a difference in these young lives!

The school year starts 1st June in South India.

A new 40 seater school bus is AUD $33 000.

For Australian bank account holders, you can directly deposit into our bank account. This avoids Paypal fees. Please write BUS into the bank field, if possible.

Westpac Bank
Beloved Narayani Foundation
BSB: 032050
Account Number: 238785

or donate here via this Paypal button,

FOR USA residents only, tax deductible donations can be made here:


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